Get Your Bend Cosmetic Dentistry Trial Smile Sneak Peek

added on: January 31, 2022
confident smiling man

Are you making 2022 the year you finally do what you want to when it comes to enhancing your smile? There’s no time and no place better than Bend to get your smile makeover from a trusted, talented professional like Dr. Benjamin De Graff. We know that when you turn to us that you’re making a big commitment and a difference in your life, and we are proud to partner with you on this amazing journey. 

What Will Your Smile Makeover Look Like?

Fixing your teeth with your Bend cosmetic dentist is one of the biggest ways you can improve your oral and overall health. We know that it’s an important decision with so many factors to consider. However, Ponderosa Dental Center does things differently, offering state-of-the-art care to assist you in your decision-making process. When you schedule a no-hassle consultation, we can take an impression of your teeth and then turn to our high-tech 3D technology to craft a wearable model of what your new smile will look like! You can try on this new smile during your second visit and see how it looks. Once your treatment plan is completed in our Bend dental office, your actual smile will be as beautiful and breathtaking as the trial smile you now know and love. 

How to Makeover Your Smile and Self-Confidence

We have seen so many transformations over the years, and it never gets old when we finally reveal your results. So many patients are overwhelmed with joy, and so are we. We often hear patients say they wish they had talked to their Bend cosmetic dentist earlier instead of waiting or putting off their dental work. The truth is that smile makeovers change lives and give you a chance to have a healthier smile. We often find that a combination of treatments is most effective. This could include:

  • Tooth or gum contouring to even and smooth irregularities
  • Composite dental bonding to fix chips or cracks
  • Dental crowns to repair and strengthen worn or damaged teeth
  • Full traditional or minimal-prep veneers to create a brand-new surface for even the most stained, worn, or unshapely teeth
  • And smile whitening with KöR Deep Bleaching for the fastest, most effective, long-lasting smile whitening you have ever experienced

You’ll leave Ponderosa Dental Center with the smile of a lifetime – one you’ll want to show off all over Bend and beyond! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us online or call our Bend dental office to schedule a simple and easy consultation. Once we get the conversation started, we’ll help you find the perfect way to get the smile you’ve always wanted.