Tooth recontouring from Dr. Joshua Prentice can bring harmony back to even the most irregular tooth line – in one convenient visit. Most patients do not even need Novocaine! The process does require a trained hand and artistic eye because all adjustments are made directly on your enamel, so it’s lucky for you that Dr. Prentice has both in spades. Tooth recontouring by your Bend cosmetic dentist can:

  • Smooth away rough edges
  • Reduce overly long or pointy teeth such as canines
  • Make uneven tooth lines regular and harmonious
  • Erase minor chips, dings, pits, or bulges in enamel
  • Reduce the appearance of minor crowding or overlap

all with the gentle polishing action of a dental burr. It’s so painless and yet so effective, you’ll leave the office with results you’ll want to show off immediately!