Short teeth. Broken teeth. Worn teeth. Stained teeth. Porcelain dental veneers from your cosmetic dentist in Bend can take care of it all. Ponderosa Dental Center loves and appreciates teeth of all types and sizes, but if you aren’t satisfied with your smile or your teeth need some extra strength or protection, we would also love to help you find the beauty and strength you always wished for. Porcelain veneers do exactly what their name suggests–they cover the surfaces of your own teeth with beautiful, custom-designed porcelain overlays. Each veneer is made just for you.

That means natural translucency and shading as well as the shape, size, and style that suits your personality and lifestyle. We simply prepare your teeth by removing and thinning down some of your enamel. This not only offers a superior grip for the dental veneers to be bonded to, but it also ensures that your smile profile is elegantly slim. Once your teeth are prepped, we will take digital impressions of your teeth, send them to the lab, and place temporaries so your smile looks great. Once your gorgeous veneers are back from the lab, you return for placement – and wave goodbye forever to gaps, cracks, chips, stains, and irregularities!