Why is My Smile So Gummy?
added on: September 21, 2020

Our gums are an important part of our oral health. After all, they help hold our teeth in place and protect the tooth roots. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to see them when we smile, no matter how important they are. Nonetheless, there are some people whose gums… Read More…

What Causes Tooth Loss? 
added on: August 28, 2020

When we’re little, losing our teeth can be an exciting thing. After all, we get a visit from the tooth fairy, a few extra bucks under our pillows, and there’s really nothing cuter than a child missing their two front teeth. But as we get older, missing teeth isn’t so… Read More…

Should You Be Scared to Get a Root Canal? 
added on: August 19, 2020

You’ve been told that you need what’s often referred to as the worst dental treatment out there — a root canal. Those two words can make any dental patient retreat in fear, and we understand why. However, while you may be feeling uneasy or flat out scared, it may help… Read More…

What Causes Tooth Discoloration? 
added on: July 29, 2020

We all want to have a bright, white smile. But thanks to both internal and external factors, our teeth can transform from their once brilliant appearance to a dull, discolored look. In this week’s blog, your dentist in Bend explores some of the things, both within our control and out… Read More…

Why Are My Gums Receding?
added on: July 21, 2020

When it comes to your oral health, it’s no surprise that your dentist in Bend puts so much importance on taking proper care of your teeth. But did you know that your gums are another crucial aspect to overall oral health? In fact, our gums are just as important to… Read More…

Why is Staying Hydrated So Important?
added on: June 30, 2020
drinking a glass of water

As we enter the hot summer months, it’s more important than ever to keep our bodies properly hydrated. After all, a well-hydrated body helps organs function properly, can improve sleep, and may even protect against infections. But as your dentist in Bend knows, drinking enough water isn’t just good for… Read More…

Recommit to Your Gum Health this Month
added on: February 28, 2020

When you think about February, the color red often comes to mind as you share your love with those who matter the most. You probably don’t think about your gums, but the month is also Gum Disease Awareness Month. Although you likely don’t put much thought into your gum health,… Read More…

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Show Your Smile Love on National Toothache Day
added on: February 1, 2020

February is well-known for sweet treats and beautiful hearts, but did you know there’s another big day other than Valentine’s Day? February 9th is National Toothache Day, which was created to raise awareness of the importance of preventive dental care. Although you might think an occasional toothache is normal, it’s… Read More…

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Get Healthier for the New Year with a Dental Checkup!
added on: January 2, 2020

Does your New Year’s resolution involve getting healthier this year? Instead of trying to survive on a salad-only diet or run 5 miles every morning, why not start with your smile? Healthy teeth can drastically boost your confidence, appearance, and even your overall health. So this year, improve your life… Read More…

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3 Ways to Maximize Your 2019 Dental Insurance Benefits
added on: November 5, 2019

When the clock counts down to zero on New Year’s Eve, families in Oregon and across America won’t just be saying goodbye to 2019. Whether they know it or not, millions of Americans will also be saying goodbye to their remaining annual dental insurance benefits! When it comes to dental… Read More…

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Healthy Smiles for National Dental Hygiene Month and Beyond
added on: October 17, 2019

How much time do you spend on your smile? Do you like the way it looks and feels? October is National Dental Hygiene Month—an effort to spread awareness about the importance of maintaining good oral health. A healthy smile can provide you with advantages that affect your appearance and your… Read More…

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4 Ways Your Dentist in Bend Uses Technology at Their Practice
added on: July 23, 2019

Dentistry is constantly evolving – to stay on the cutting edge, every preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentist in Bend needs to keep learning new techniques and adopting new technologies. At Ponderosa Dental Center, Dr. Prentice is always looking for ways to provide more comfortable, efficient care for his patients, and… Read More…

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3 Ways Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Give You A Smile You’re Proud Of
added on: June 18, 2019

If you’ve been suffering from crooked, chipped, or cracked teeth, it has probably impacted your self-esteem. Being embarrassed by your smile can keep you from getting the most out of social situations and meeting new people. When you’re worried about what other people think of your teeth, it can make… Read More…

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What Would a Smile Makeover In Bend Look Like? Find Out With Smile Trial!
added on: May 15, 2019

If you want to live your life with confidence, attractive teeth are one of the most important assets you can have. But if you’re considering a smile makeover in Bend, it’s natural to wonder if your results will turn out the way you hoped. After all, personalized cosmetic dentistry plans… Read More…

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Spotting the Early Signs: How an Oral Cancer Screening Can Save a Life
added on: April 7, 2019

You have cancer. These three words can change your life. In a matter of seconds, you can go from feeling fearless to fearful. For many individuals who’ve been diagnosed with oral cancer, those words have come too late. When dealing with this disease, your chances of survival dramatically decrease if… Read More…

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Happy National Dentist Day! With Your Dentist in Bend
added on: March 6, 2019

Having the right dentist in Bend can make all the difference when it comes to your attitude toward dentistry. Certainly, a qualified, experienced professional can help you maintain a health smile, but there’s so much more to dental care than just that. When your dentist and their staff also provide… Read More…

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Deciding between Dental Implants and Dentures
added on: February 4, 2019

If you’re missing one or more teeth, you should be considering your restoration options. You don’t want  to leave a gap in your smile, but what’s more, you want to ensure your long-term oral health. The good news is that you have several great choices—including dentures and dental implants—that can… Read More…

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Enjoy an In-Office Savings Plan from Your Dentist in Bend, OR
added on: August 20, 2018

You know that you are supposed to visit your dentist in Bend, OR twice a year for a cleaning and checkup. These routine appointments are vital for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. While you know that you should go, you do not have dental insurance. As a result, you… Read More…

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Benefit from the Cone Beam Scanner for Your Dental Implants
added on: July 22, 2018

New advancements in technology transform the dental care you receive in all aspects of dentistry. In addition to digital x-rays and CEREC, one of the latest improvements involves the cone beam scanner. This state-of-the-art imaging system has enhanced the process and success of dental implants in Bend. By pinpointing the… Read More…

What Makes Some Dental Implant Cases More Complex?
added on: June 30, 2018

More patients than ever before are able to receive tooth replacement using innovative, natural looking and feeling dental implants. These implant posts are positioned below the gum line where they fuse with the bone and soft tissue, mimicking the supportive root structure. As more patients become interested in these procedures,… Read More…

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