Same Day Crown

The Revolutionary Convenience of Same-Day Crowns in Bend, OR
added on: January 15, 2024

A revolutionary dental innovation has reshaped how individuals approach Bend restorative dentistry: same-day crowns. As the demand for efficient and effective dental solutions grows, the emergence of same-day crowns has transformed our patient experience, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency at Ponderosa Dental Center. Forget what you already know or might… Read More…

Why Patients Are Raving About Our Same-Day Crowns in Bend, OR
added on: November 30, 2022

If you read our blogs, you probably know that Ponderosa Dental Center isn’t shy about investing in innovative tools. Being a trusted Bend restorative dentist, Dr. Benjamin De Graff knows how much easier it is to take care of your oral health when you’re not overwhelmed with anxiety about pain or… Read More…

4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Same-Day Crowns
added on: September 29, 2022

This time of year at Ponderosa Dental Center, we like to ask which one of the technologies we’re all most thankful for. Of course, Dr. Benjamin De Graff asks everyone on the team, and they always love to say our same-day crowns.  Now it’s time for you, our valued patients, to… Read More…