Restorative Dentistry in Bend

Expect the Unexpected

Restorative dentistry in Bend. Who needs it? You do! Unexpected things happen every day, and once in a while, they happen to your smile.

  • When that ski trip ends with a face plant on the slopes…
  • When Cravin’s Candy Emporium has called your name one too many times…
  • When your dog headbutts you in the mouth…
  • When you take a tumble on your local bike path…
  • When your crown comes loose in your Ocean Roll…
  • Or when your rare night of Netflix binging has a few too many popcorn kernels in the bowl…

…our comfortable, comforting restorative care can stop your pain, get your smile back in shape, and help you find your confidence.

We want you to find our Bend restorative care so unexpectedly personal, modern, and pain-free, that it might actually become something to look forward to!

Because Life Happens

Accidents happen. But so does life – and daily living can really take its toll on your teeth:

  • You stay out too late enjoying all the brewpubs and fall into bed without brushing your teeth.
  • You drink too many sports drinks and make your kombucha just a little too sweet
  • You bite your nails and clench your teeth over every Elks game
  • Your doctor has told you you have dry mouth
  • Your parents had tooth and gum issues and now you do too
  • Or you just keep canceling your dental appointments because they make you unbelievably nervous

Whatever the reason. Whatever the cause. From less-than-great habits or stress to heredity or wellness issues, count on Bend restorative dentistry from Ponderosa Dental Center to help. And do it conveniently – backed by the latest technology – under one roof.

Streamline Treatment and Get Results!

You’ve probably chosen to live in Bend for a reason – you love being active. You love feeling like every day is a vacation. And you love being surrounded by people who love life just as much as you do. That’s why so many of our Bend friends and neighbors choose Ponderosa Dental Center for all their dental needs – especially when something needs to be fixed. We love this area and the life it offers just as much as you do and we know how important it is for you to get in and out of our office – stat.

Say hello to your smile’s (and your day’s) best friend. Your dental treatment plan. A restorative dentistry treatment plan for our Bend patients helps you budget your time, expenses, and progress so it fits into your active lifestyle perfectly. And here’s the best part: Dr. De Graff and his team never, ever dictate your care. Instead, we make you a pivotal part of your smile team so you hold the reins, steer the boat, and call all the shots. It’s your smile after all – you decide how your care happens. And with so many Bend restorative dentistry procedure options to choose from, your smile will be back out on the town, the slopes, or the trails in no time.


The dreaded cavity! Everyone gets them, not just kids. And they can appear in the most surprising places like between your teeth or along your gum line, not just in your molars. And who wants to get a filling on their front tooth or anywhere else it will show, for that matter? Here’s some good news: Dr. Benjamin De Graff never uses ugly, dark, outdated metal fillings to repair his patients’ cavities. That means that no matter where your cavity is, no matter how big it may be, your restorative dentist in Bend will fix it in a way that blends perfectly into your smile. How? Dr. De Graff uses cosmetic dental bonding to fill all cavities! Dental bonding is strong and durable, biocompatible, and does not shift with temperature changes. Plus it can be shaded to match the tooth it is repairing. Smiles all over Bend can now rejoice – and get the repair they deserve with tooth-colored fillings!

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays

Do you have a cavity or other damage that’s a little too big to be repaired with bonding, but not bad enough to warrant an entire dental crown? Do you clench and grind your teeth and have concerns about the strength of dental bonding? Do you have large, old metal fillings that you’d love to have replaced? Are you worried about the cost of a full dental crown? Check out our porcelain inlays and onlays! Pure porcelain inlays and onlays from your restorative dentist in Bend are as strong, beautiful, and long-lasting as our dental crowns, without the commitment.

  • Inlays are a lot like fillings because they fill the area inside the cusps, or points, of your teeth, but they are made of super-strengthening porcelain instead of composite material.
  • Onlays cover more of your tooth and are more similar to crowns, covering one or more of the cusps that may need strengthening or repair.

Our patients love how long-lasting they are, smooth and natural they feel, and how beautiful they look in their smiles.


Dental crowns are really one of the crowning glories of dentistry – no pun intended! Your restorative dentist in Bend, Dr. De Graff, and his team at Ponderosa Dental Center can actually get a little gleeful when talking about dental crowns. Why? We love crowns for their beauty, strength, and most of all, their versatility. Do you avoid your favorite foods because of a severely damaged tooth? Are you suffering because of a worn-down or broken molar? Are you missing a tooth and wish there was an attractive way to replace it? Have you been told you need a root canal and worry about how your tooth will look or feel afterward? Well, stop suffering or worrying or living in pain. Our dental crowns, just like porcelain veneers, are the premier choice for repairs, restorations, and cosmetic improvements. So what can a dental crown do? Dental crowns from your restorative dentist in Bend can:

  • Protect and restore weak teeth
  • Rebuild and balance worn or damaged tooth structure
  • Eliminate the need for extraction by holding severely damaged teeth together
  • Prevent cracked teeth from further breakage
  • Conceal and repair flaws
  • Seal and protect your tooth after a root canal
  • Replace missing teeth as a new, prosthetic tooth for an implant or as part of a dental bridge

When they are used in a fixed dental bridge system, crowns are used in a number of capacities–as a prosthetic tooth or teeth to bridge the gap and as dental anchors to hold the prosthetic in place when bonded to surrounding teeth.


Does the very sound of the words “root canal” send you running? You aren’t alone. Fortunately, the bad reputation that root canals have is absolutely not warranted. The reality is that root canals save teeth and stop your pain! The pain associated with root canals is really from the agony of an infected tooth. Here’s how it works: Inside your tooth and roots is a network of nerves and blood vessels called the pulp. While your teeth were growing into place, your pulp was necessary. In adulthood, that pulp stopped being vital, and in fact, tends to be susceptible to infection. And those infections are PAINFUL with a capital P. They can make your tooth sore, your gums throb, and your jaw ache. Thanks to modern dentistry, pulling that infected tooth is not the only way to stop your pain. With a root canal, your restorative dentist in Bend will simply:

  • Open your tooth the way we would when dealing with a cavity
  • Clear the infected pulp from inside your tooth and all the way down into the roots
  • Disinfect your tooth
  • Fill the entire tooth and roots with a special material that replaces the pulp, adds support, and keeps bacteria out
  • Rebuild, seal, and strengthen your tooth with a beautiful crown

All the infection, inflammation, and accompanying pain will stop, you get to keep your tooth, and your smile looks as if nothing ever occurred!

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery isn’t something people need all the time. But when they do, your restorative dentist in Bend knows just exactly how nice it is to be able to see the dentist you know. Those stressful moments are best spent in your smile home, right? And you can be sure that when you need oral surgery, we will wrap you in comfort, keep you absolutely pain-free, and talk you through every step. Just lean back in our comfortable chair, ask for a warm blanket and a neck pillow, pop on our noise-canceling headphones, and drift away while we do all the work. Remember, we offer a variety of sedation options, including IV sedation (we’re certified!) so you can stay absolutely comfortable. And though we do almost all oral surgeries here, when we do have to refer out something like impacted wisdom teeth, you can be sure that the specialists we partner with will treat you with the same care and compassion we do. We wouldn’t send you to them otherwise! So don’t worry. Oral surgery isn’t the end of your smile. In fact, it might just be the beginning of a brand new smile that feels and looks fantastic!


Who likes the gooey, pasty putty you have to bite into for normal dental impressions? We certainly don’t! And if we don’t, why in the world would we ask our patients to deal with something so unpleasant? No way!

What’s more, in impression taking, accuracy is key. When we have to bite down on something unpleasant, it often activates the gag reflex. And that’s a big problem. Every single movement makes a slight change in your impression. How easy is it to not move at all with that chunky, gooey mouthful? Not very. The Harvard School of Dental Medicine Study, says that 89% of traditional impressions have at least one detectable error! That’s why Dr. Benjamin De Graff, your restorative dentist in Bend, became the first dentist in Central Oregon to offer one of the most state-of-the-art dental technologies out there – the Primescan Digital Impression system.
Primescan allows us to:

  • Create incredibly accurate digital impressions
  • Send impressions immediately to the lab, preventing long waits or impressions being lost in the mail
  • Store your impressions for easy access and future reference

Investing in your smile–your restorative dentist in Bend thinks you’re worth it!

Same-Day Crowns

At Ponderosa Dental Center, Dr. Benjamin De Graff and his team are focused on your comfort and your convenience, while still providing the same focused care and treatment you need. With this in mind, Dr. De Graff has invested in some of dentistry’s most advanced technology to allow for same-day crowns to be completed in his Bend dental office. After your exam, if you are identified as a candidate for same-day crowns, your new, beautiful crown can be placed all in one visit! First, a full scan will be taken of your mouth, focusing on the area needing a restoration. Using this scan, Dr. De Graff’s brand new CEREC technology will custom-mill and create a brand new crown that precisely fits your teeth. Once your new crown is finished being created, he will prepare your damaged tooth for the crown and bond it in place. You’ll leave Ponderosa Dental Center with a brand new crown and a renewed sense of confidence in your smile, all in one convenient visit!