Get With the Rou’Teen’: A Day in Your Teenager’s Life with Clear Aligners

added on: February 6, 2024

One day, they love you, and 24 hours later, they’re vowing to never speak to you again. Adolescent life can be tricky enough, so why add to the stress with metal braces? More teenagers choose clear aligners in Bend to fix their smile without it totally ruining their style.

Dr. Prentice and the team at Ponderosa Dental Center get what you and your teen want and need. This is the time in life to consider orthodontic care, and you can do it with clear aligners instead of traditional metal braces. Our patients and their parents always want to know what life will be like during treatment. Here’s a ‘routine’ advice about what you need to know:

Morning Routine: Get Up and Get Ready to Smile

When the alarm goes off in the morning, it’s time to go with the flow of – waking up, brushing your teeth, and getting ready for the day. This routine involves a simple yet essential step for teenagers with clear aligners: removing the aligners for brushing. Take them out, place them somewhere safe, and clean teeth just like always. This helps maintain good oral hygiene, ensuring tooth enamel and aligners remain clean throughout the day.

School Routine: Straighter Teeth With Self-Confidence

As your Bend Clear aligner dentist, we can show you how many teens love to talk about their experiences. Something that they all will say is how well they were able to integrate their treatment into their daily activities. Your teen needs to address their orthodontic issues, but it’s most important that they do it comfortably. Clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing teens to smile, laugh, and live carefree lives without feeling self-conscious.

Meal Routine: Healthy Habits Without Hassle

One of the biggest perks clear aligners can offer is the freedom to eat without restriction. There’s no need to worry about stuff getting stuck in wires or brackets. Meals won’t make your teen feel self-conscious about their teeth. Just make sure teens keep their aligners someplace safe while eating. This goes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack times in between!

After-School Routine: All the Activities and Opportunities

From sports to jobs or other after-school activities, teens can be busy in Bend. Clear aligners provide flexibility and comfort no matter what they have scheduled. These social creatures won’t be held back or feel weird about having their teeth fixed. Clear aligners will do the opposite, empowering them to navigate social situations confidently. Whether participating in class discussions, joining extracurricular activities, or attending social events, teens can embrace their orthodontic journey without feeling embarrassed by visible braces.

Evening Routine: End the Day With a Smile

Whatever it ends up being, bedtime is the perfect time for your teen to clean their smile and clear aligners. Make sure they’re brushing their teeth and making sure the aligners are spotless. They’re worn while your teen sleeps so don’t forget to double-check they don’t forget to wear the clear aligners at night. We promise the process becomes second nature over time, and the commitment to wearing aligners consistently contributes to the overall success of any orthodontic treatment.

Everyday Routine: Building Confidence That’s One-of-A-Kind

Beyond the physical changes to their smiles, teenagers with clear aligners in Bend experience a boost in confidence. We’ve watched it happen! Because clear aligners are so discreet, there’s less unnecessary attention for your teen. This is a big boost for confidence and self-esteem, fostering a sense of empowerment during these formative years.

Adolescent life with clear aligners offers a transformative journey towards a straighter and more self-assured smile. The ability to maintain these regular routines and still have the freedom to be a teen are reasons enough to call Ponderosa Dental Center for clear aligners in Bend. We can meet with you and your family during a one-on-one consultation, during which you can share your questions about this style of orthodontic treatment. Call us or reach out online today!