Oh, the annoyance of the minor problem. A chip in your molar that you can’t stop touching with your tongue. One discolored tooth that ruins your entire smile. A chip. A crack. A small irregularity. It really is surprising what a difference minor smile issues can make. But who has time to deal with restorative or cosmetic dentistry for something that isn’t necessarily affecting health or function? You do! With cosmetic and restorative composite bonding from your Bend cosmetic dentist, Dr. Josh Prentice. That’s because the entire cosmetic bonding process is completed in one easy visit– no messy impressions, no waiting for a lab, and no return visits for placement. All it takes is:

  • A conversation about your needs
  • Custom shading of the composite material
  • Application of the composite bonding
  • And sculpting of the bonding material directly on your tooth

The procedure is surprisingly affordable, and the results are natural-looking and long-lasting. Don’t let minor cosmetic disturbances ruin your smile! Ask us about composite bonding today!