Everyone loves a good makeover – and smile makeovers are no exception. Everyone in our Bend cosmetic dentistry office gets excited to take part in the transformation. We have seen smiles go from dull, broken, and dismal to bright, whole, and beautiful time after time. Smile makeovers change lives. It’s true! Much like when we plan for a full-mouth restoration, we consider both the health and the appearance of your smile when we begin the planning. We will make sure there aren’t any underlying health concerns that are causing issues or that could undermine the strength and longevity of your smile makeover. That might mean we treat periodontal disease or replace missing teeth before the more cosmetically-focused treatments begin. But once your smile is healthy, the exciting transformation can take place. We often find that a combination of treatments is most effective. This could include:

  • Tooth or gum contouring to even and smooth irregularities
  • Composite dental bonding to fix chips or cracks
  • Dental crowns to repair and strengthen worn or damaged teeth
  • Full traditional or minimal-prep veneers to create a brand-new surface for even the most stained, worn, or unshapely teeth
  • And smile whitening with KöR Deep Bleaching for the fastest, most effective, long-lasting smile whitening you have ever experienced.

You’ll leave Ponderosa Dental Center with the smile of a lifetime – one you’ll want to show off all over Bend and beyond!