At Ponderosa Dental Center, Dr. Prentice and his team are focused on your comfort and your convenience, while still providing the same focused care and treatment you need. With this in mind, Dr. Prentice has invested in some of dentistry’s most advanced technology to allow for same-day crowns to be completed in his Bend dental office. After your exam, if you are identified as a candidate for same-day crowns, your new, beautiful crown can be placed all in one visit! First, a full scan will be taken of your mouth, focusing on the area needing a restoration. Using this scan, Dr. Prentice’s brand new™ technology will custom-mill and create a brand new crown that precisely fits your teeth. Once your new crown is finished being created, he will prepare your damaged tooth for the crown and bond it in place. You’ll leave Ponderosa Dental Center with a brand new crown and a renewed sense of confidence in your smile, all in one convenient visit! To learn more about this advanced piece of technology that allows our team at Ponderosa Dental Center to complete these same-day crowns, you can read an article that was published with our very own Dr. Joshua Prentice discussing the benefits of this technology!