The Benefits of the iTero 

added on: September 1, 2023

One of the many tools used by Ponderosa Dental Center to better serve our patients is the handheld iTero scanner. The intraoral scanner was first introduced in 2007 and enables providers to capture a digital image of a patient’s teeth and gums. The resulting 3D scans are especially helpful for treatments such as Invisalign. The evolution of the iTero scanner over the years has led to increased precision and it has become a common piece of tech found in many dental offices, as it benefits both the dentist and the patient alike.

Top 4 Benefits of the iTero Scanning Technology 

Technology is constantly evolving, leading to significant improvements in how treatment can be provided to patients. The iTero scanning technology was a major disruption in the industry when it was released and it has since altered the way many practices take scans and provide their patients with the best possible care.

Increased Transparency  

The iTero scans allow dentists to show their patients a concrete example of the expected progression, as well as what the final smile may look like before treatment has even commenced. Dental physicians can make accurate diagnoses concerning oral health concerns using the scanner which enables the practitioner to provide immediate feedback.

Efficient Appointments  

The ease of the iTero enables a dentist to avoid the time-consuming process of taking molds of a patient’s teeth. The scanner takes just a few minutes to complete the complete digital image, resulting in increased efficiency for both doctor and patient. There is minimal room for mistakes when using the scanner, which allows the dentist to maximize their time with the person in the chair. 

Impressive Accuracy  

The scans provided by the iTero are more accurate than traditional impressions. Compared to physical molds, the scanner shows a more detailed view of a patient’s teeth and soft tissue. The traditional method would sometimes require 2-3 tries to get a usable impression. The iTero scans result in better fitting aligners, which increases patient comfort and leads to more successful results at the end of the day.  

Comfortable Experience

The iTero technology replaces the uncomfortable, goopy physical impressions that used to be the only dental tool available to get an accurate image of a patient’s teeth. These impressions were difficult for patients with a strong gag reflex and the resulting molds weren’t always perfect. Molds could become damaged during shipment, which added delays to a patient’s treatment timeframe.  

If you have any questions about the iTero scanner, Ponderosa Dental Center in Bend, OR invites you to the practice to see for yourself. Dr. Benjamin De Graff and his team have experience using this technology to provide patients with a streamlined treatment experience. The scanner helps to create accurate Invisalign clear aligners and can be used to detect cavities and gum recession, which allows us to provide the necessary care.