How Quickly Will Invisalign Straighten My Teeth? 

added on: September 14, 2023

Invisalign is a discrete method for fixing crooked or crowded teeth, as well as for patients dealing with gapped teeth or an open bite. The clear aligners are nearly invisible and can be a solution for those wanting to avoid the more obvious traditional braces route. While Invisalign doesn’t work for everybody, such as those with more complex cases, it’s a popular way to straighten your teeth in a reasonable timeframe.  

Within 12 weeks, many Invisalign wearers will notice a subtle difference in their smile. A new tray is swapped every couple of weeks, which slowly straightens crooked teeth. When patients wear Invisalign aligners following the recommended procedures, there is a high success rate of approximately 96%. 

Determining the Expected Timeline with Invisalign 

While it may be frustrating to hear, “it depends,” when asking how long Invisalign takes to get your smile in tip-top shape — this is often the most accurate answer. For some, Invisalign may take as little as six months to provide minor corrections to their teeth. On average, the clear aligners are expected to take between 12 and 18 months to straighten a smile. The more complex the case, the longer the aligners will need to be worn in order to reach the desired result.  

No two patients will have the same exact treatment. All teeth are a bit different, which can impact the timeframe when wearing Invisalign aligners. Your Bend, OR dentist can provide a better idea of how long Invisalign aligners may need to be worn to shift your teeth into place.  

Invisalign doesn’t replace traditional braces in situations where the patient’s teeth pose additional complexity. In these cases, braces have the necessary force to move teeth into their final position. 

Why the Invisalign Timeline May Get Extended

The success of Invisalign hinges on the patient’s compliance with the treatment. One of the major benefits of Invisalign over traditional braces is that the aligners can be removed when eating or cleaning your teeth. This feature can double as a pitfall for patients who find themselves forgetting to replace the aligners or not wearing them for the recommended 22+ hours a day. This lengthens the amount of time that treatment takes and may result in it being ineffective. 

Poor-fitting aligners can also extend treatment time. With enhanced dental technology, such as the iTero scanner, dentists are able to create more accurate aligners to meet a patient’s goals.  

Schedule a Consultation in Bend, OR 

Ponderosa Dental Center offers traditional braces services, as well as Invisalign. Upon initial consultation, Dr. Benjamin De Graff will be able to estimate how long the Invisalign treatment may take depending on how much the teeth need to move. Wearing the aligners as directed will result in a fairly accurate time frame based on his professional estimation.