Why You’ll Be Impressed by iTero® Digital Impressions

added on: September 21, 2022

Dr. Benjamin De Graff uses a high-tech tool called the iTero® Digital Scanning System to take impressions of your teeth in a more comfortable and less stressful way. (More convenient and accurate is always good too!)

Please don’t dismiss this technology until you’ve tried it for yourself. Here’s why:

Traditional is Out. Modern is in.

As your restorative dentist in Bend, we can’t deny that the traditional methods for taking impressions of your teeth used to be uncomfortable and kind of a messy experience. They had this “goopy” putty substance that patients would bite through to leave an impression on their smiles.

Out with the old and in with the new. iTero has changed all of that. Harvard School of Dental Medicine found that 89% of traditional impressions have at least one detectable error! That’s why Dr. De Graff became the first dentist in Central Oregon to offer one of the most state-of-the-art dental technologies out there. 

Be Excited About the Benefits

Investing in this tool allows patients to experience dental care on a more advanced level that’s so comfortable for you that we always say it. It will enable us to:

  • Create incredibly accurate digital impressions.
  • Send impressions immediately to the lab, preventing long waits or impressions from being lost in the mail.
  • Store your impressions for easy access and future reference.

See how it all adds up to a better dental experience?

We Keep Repeating Comfort

We can’t say enough how comfortably the digital scanner fits in your mouth. It’s a small, handheld wand that enables you to breathe easily while we scan your bite. You won’t have to worry about radiation exposure or leaving with a chemical taste in your mouth. 

If you need dental impressions, this is the dental office in Bend you’ll want to trust for your smile care. Getting to know us and getting started is easy. Schedule online for a consultation.