Ready to Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

added on: July 22, 2022

Is your wedding around the corner? Are you going for a job interview? Do you need to boost your self-esteem? Or are you preparing for a photo session? All these are special occasions that may warrant you to have the best smile. Whatever your reason for improving your smile, there are numerous procedures for you to choose from.

Cosmetic dentistry has become a popular way for you to improve your smile. Dr. Benjamin De Graff and his team at Ponderosa Dental Center are dedicated to restoring your smile using various cosmetic dentistry techniques. Discolored teeth should not lower your self-esteem, here are some of the cosmetic dentistry you can choose to improve your smile on that special occasion. 

Porcelain Veneers

You can get the smile you have always wanted by having porcelain veneers. You can use veneers to change the shape, color, size, and alignment of your teeth. Veneers are thin tooth-like shells custom-made for your teeth’ surface. The veneers are made to match the shape and color of your teeth.

You’ll need two appointments for the porcelain veneer procedure. In the first appointment, your teeth are prepared and a small layer of the enamel is removed. An impression is taken and used to create the veneers. You’ll be given a temporary veneer as you wait for the permanent one to be ready. You’ll go for the second appointment for the permanent veneers to be placed. Veneers can last between 10 and 15 years.

Teeth Whitening

Your teeth can be discolored when consuming beverages like tea and coffee, taking certain medications, or smoking. Teeth whitening is done by using a chemical process. The procedure can be done in-office or at home. The dentist uses a custom tray to ensure the right amount of whitening solution reaches your teeth.

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that makes your teeth several shades whiter. All you need is one visit to the dentist’s office. The dentist places trays with the whitening mixture in your mouth for about 20 – 30 minutes. A whitening powder is used to provide the whitening results you desire. You will not need anesthesia and the procedure only takes one hour. 

Cosmetic Bonding

If you have excess space between your teeth, you can opt for cosmetic bonding. It is also suitable for cracked, stained, broken, or chipped teeth. You only need one office visit for the bonding procedure. The dentist applies an etching solution which is followed by composite resins or tooth-colored materials to the tooth surface. Even though cosmetic bonding can last for years, it is likely to become stained. It will last up to seven years with proper care. 


The dental crown is placed on your tooth to restore its strength, shape, function, and appearance. It is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed on your teeth. You’ll need two appointments. On the first appointment, the dentist makes an impression and on the second visit, they place the crown. Dental crowns can last for up to 15 years. 

Dental Implants

Implants are one of the ways to improve your smile and dental health. It is a suitable option if you are missing or loose teeth. Dental implants provide a permanent solution and are placed on the gums to replace the roots. After the implants heal and bond with the jaw bone, a natural-looking crown on your tooth.

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You can choose from any of the above treatments to improve your smile on that special occasion. No matter the cosmetic dentistry procedure you want, Dr. De Graff will deliver. Our team will provide you with beautiful and healthy smiles. We use the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry and you can relax since you’ll get the best results. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation.