How Trial Smiles Put Our Patients At Ease

added on: May 22, 2023

Making a change to your smile is a big commitment. Your smile is a huge part of your appearance, and even relatively modest changes will have a big impact on how you look to others. If you have been wanting to make changes to your smile but are nervous about whether or not you’ll be happy with the finished product, the Trial Smile process at Ponderosa Dental Center is a perfect solution. 

What is a Trial Smile?

A trial smile is exactly as it sounds – it’s the opportunity to try out a smile that you might want to make your own. Using advanced 3D technology, we can develop a model of your new smile that you will actually be able to wear in the office to see what it would look like when all the work is completed. 

You might think that this sounds like a lengthy process, but again, technology comes to the rescue and allows us to work through the trial in short order. Typically, you’ll come into our office for an initial visit where an impression of your smile will be taken. Then, the model of your proposed new smile will be constructed, and you will be able to try it out during your next visit. That’s only two visits to our office and you’ll be able to see what your smile would look like if you go ahead with the changes being considered. 

An Investment of Time and Money

We understand that investing your time and your money into dental procedures is an important choice. Whether it’s a relatively minor procedure such as teeth whitening, or something more involved and substantial, we know you have to think carefully about what it means for your life before you go ahead. 

It’s our respect for both your time and money that led us to prioritize the Trial Smile process. Rather than asking you to go into a series of treatments without knowing what you’ll get on the other end, we can present you with a clear demonstration before even a single bit of work is done inside your mouth. When we do get started on doing the work that will bring your fresh smile to life, you’ll come to those appointments with a feeling of confidence, knowing you have made the right choice for your future. 

It Starts With a Call

The ability to test out a smile before you commit to making it your own is a game-changing progression in cosmetic dentistry. You shouldn’t feel like you are rolling the dice when you go ahead with a smile makeover, and now you don’t have to be in that position – you can know what you’ll be getting before you make the decision to proceed. If you’d like to learn more, just contact our Bend office and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t wait any longer to smile with confidence!