Fixing Your Mouth With Your Emergency Dentist in Bend

added on: November 20, 2017

A man holding his mouth in pain.

You never thought it would happen to you. You wake up and the entire right side of your face is throbbing. Or maybe your tooth is loose with no explanation why. Next thing you know you’re heading back home with your hand clutched over your cheek and driving with one hand.

Don’t try to handle this situation on your own. Your emergency dentist in Bend is here to help. Read inside to learn what to do during an emergency.

Pain, Pain, Won’t You Just Go Away

When you’re experiencing chronic tooth pain, you should be heading to the dentist as soon as possible to seek treatment. However, if your pain is minor there are a few treatments you can apply at home until your next appointment.

One method is to create a homemade mouthwash out of a teaspoon of salt dissolved in boiling water. Rinsing your mouth with this solution should cleanse the area around the tooth as well as help reduce any swelling. This method can also be applied to aching gums. Keep in mind this can also occur after brushing your too harshly. If the pain doesn’t subside, you’ll need to see your emergency dentist.

If you’re experiencing consistent headaches, it could be sourced in your teeth or jaw. Since they are connected, any pain that starts in your mouth could easily travel to your head as well. Any chronic pain that won’t go away after taking painkillers should make you consider an emergency dental visit.

Waking Up To a Bad Time

As you mature, your teeth are meant to stay secure, not wiggle around or feel loose in any way. Loose teeth indicate either a tooth injury from external sources or from developing tooth decay. When you notice a loose tooth, avoid eating when possible and stay hydrated on your way to the dentist.

If you wake up to a swollen face or jaw, it could indicate a serious infection, specifically of the salivary gland. This is usually paired with a bad taste in the mouth, fever, and trouble breathing or swallowing.

You’ll also want to head to your emergency dentist in Bend if you’re experiencing a dental abscess. This is defined as a very painful infection found in the root of your tooth. The symptoms are similar to a swollen jaw and should trigger a visit to your dentist immediately.

Numbness and Metal Taste

If the painful toothache you’re experiencing suddenly goes away, it could mean the infection has spread to your tooth’s roots. If an abscess made it to the nerves in your root, you may need a root canal in the future. Your mouth should never be experiencing total numbness, so take this as a sign to get to your dentist.

If you’ve had fillings previously installed, you’ll want to pay attention to any metal taste you sense in your mouth. This could mean a filling has cracked or become loose. Avoid eating any chewy or sticky foods during this period and avoid touching the filling as this could make it loosen more.

Stay on top of dental emergencies with your dentist in Bend. Don’t hesitate to contact the office if an emergency appears!


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