Fix Your Smile in One Office Visit With Custom Same-Day Crowns in Bend

added on: April 20, 2023

Not all restorative dentists in Bend, OR are created equal. Just ask the team at Ponderosa Dental Center about Dr. Benjamin De Graff. His love for technology and innovative dentistry has revolutionized how patients get new crowns, not to mention implant dentistry in Bend. 

How? Because we’re one of a unique few that can offer you the convenience of same-day crowns. You leave the office with an enhanced smile, minimal wait time, and maximum satisfaction. 

How Do Same-Day Crowns Work?

The day we had our™ technology installed at our Bend dental office was exhilarating. We knew all the patients who would benefit from everything this innovative piece of equipment had to offer on many levels. After we use our state-of-the-art digital scanning technology to get a look at your mouth, this helps us determine if a same-day crown is your best choice for success. Using this scan, Dr. De Graff’s™ technology will custom-mill and create a brand-new crown that precisely fits your teeth. Once your new crown is finished being built, he will prepare your damaged tooth for the crown and bond it in place. You’ll leave Ponderosa Dental Center with a brand new crown and a renewed sense of confidence in your smile, all in one convenient visit!

What Our Patients Say About Same-Day Crowns

You don’t have to take our word for it, but our patients seem to love their same-day crown experiences. Check out these real patient reviews:

“Very happy with my crown replacement using the latest technology and crown materials. I’m also happy to have had a complete crown prepped and replaced with the permanent crown in less than 3 hours and in only ONE visit! Dentistry has come a long way! I highly recommend Dr. Benjamin De Graff & all the staff at Ponderosa Dental Center.” – Mitzi K

The team at Dr. Benjamin De Graff’s office is fantastic. They always are attentive, kind, and caring professionals. They all do great work! Always in the advancement of leading-edge technology, like your tooth image being transmitted to an in-house mill machine that makes a crown that fits perfectly with same-day service!  That’s an advantage over other dental centers. Thank you for my dental care, and have a blessed week.” – J David Swan

These are just a couple of the satisfied patients who loved their custom same-day crowns courtesy of our modern dental office in Bend. We want to show you all the incredible things this technology offers and more. Schedule your visit or appointment with us today!