Everything You Need to Know about KӧR® Smile Whitening

added on: March 13, 2023

You only get one smile, right? So why not have one that’s brighter and more dazzling than ever? It’s all fun and games until you see your yellow, stained teeth in the mirror and think they’ll never be able to be that white. Think again! Ponderosa Dental Center has one of the best smile whitening treatments in Bend for our patients, called the KӧR® Whitening System. It offers you a better, more innovative solution to teeth whitening than you’ll ever find on any store shelves or in over-the-counter products. KӧR® is a continuously refrigerated, high-powered gel that works with a unique system specifically designed to deliver the incredible smile whitening results you’ve been waiting for in Bend, OR.

Why We’re One of the Only KӧR® Certified Dentists in Central Oregon

Dr. De Graff and team only believe in using products that live up to the results they claim to produce and are comfortable for our patients. That’s why we only use KӧR® Whitening for our patients both in our dental office in Bend and while you’re at home. We love it so much that Dr. De Graff is now one of our area’s only KӧR® certified dentists. This incredible system will offer you the most effective smile whitening possible without some of the sensitivity associated with other forms of tooth bleaching or whitening. Want to know something else really great about KӧR®? It’s the only recognized system in the world that can whiten dark tetracycline-stained teeth. 

How You Can Get Started

Call Ponderosa Dental Center to schedule an appointment. Our team of friendly dental experts will ensure your mouth and teeth are healthy enough to support a successful smile whitening treatment. We’ll want to see teeth and gums that are healthy and free from disease. If you’re already a patient of Dr. De Graff’s and up-to-date on your checkups, you should be good to go! Once cleared to begin treatment, we will advise you on what to do to prepare for your KӧR® Whitening to reduce the risk of sensitivity.

The More You Know

Overall, it’s essential to know that Bend KӧR® Whitening offers you incredible results that are always consistent, predictable, comfortable, and easy to keep clean. We haven’t found another system like this that can quickly rejuvenate your dull smile by absorbing safe bleaching agents much faster and more effectively than other whitening options. 

Are you ready to get started and see how dazzlingly white your smile can be? All it takes is a phone call or message, and we’ll be ready to help you at our dental office in Bend. Please contact us or schedule online today!