How Often Should I See My Dentist in Bend?

added on: July 11, 2017

Benefit from complete care for the entire family with your dentist in Bend.The health of your teeth and gums are important, which is why you brush and floss each day. But, when was the last time you saw your dentist in Bend? If it has been more than 6 months, you are placing your oral health at risk. The American Dental Association recommends that everyone over the age of two has a preventive appointment twice a year. This is vital to your dental health because it helps to reduce the need for costly and invasive treatments in the future. However, all too often, dental care is delayed until after a problem has developed. If you or your oved ones are not having a cleaning and checkup regularly, you are opening the door to oral health problems.

Why Do I Need Preventive Care?

Dentistry focuses on preventing dental issues from developing in the first place. To promote this, your family needs to practice great oral hygiene at home and see their family dentist in Bend twice a year. By doing so, we will reduce the risk for tooth decay and gum disease by carefully removing plaque and tartar from areas that cannot be cleaned at home, like below the gum line. In addition, we will perform a comprehensive checkup to monitor your oral health. This allows us to detect dental concerns early for quick intervention to prevent additional damage to your smile.

What Can I Expect During My Appointment?

We strive to provide comfortable care, even for young patients. We take the time to get to know you to make you feel at ease through your appointment. We will begin by cleaning your teeth using special dental tools. This removes unwanted plaque and tartar buildup to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. We will discuss your oral hygiene habits and make recommendations for improvement based on your individual needs. We may recommend certain preventive treatments, like dental sealants or fluoride varnishes, which are not only beneficial for children, but adults as well.

After your teeth are cleaned, Dr. Prentice will conduct a comprehensive checkup. In addition to a visual examination, he will also use digital x-rays to see areas that cannot be evaluated with the naked eye. With a full image into your dental health, he can monitor it to ensure that no issues develop. This is especially important for young children to promote the healthy development of the teeth and oral functions; however, adults benefit as well. As you age, you become more prone to complications, like gum disease. With regular visits, Dr. Prentice can quickly detect problems to rehabilitate your dental health.

Where is a Family Dentist Near Me?

If it has been a while since your family has seen the dentist, it is time to call Ponderosa Dental Center to schedule your appointment. We provide compassionate and personalized care to make everyone feel at ease in our office. We will help your family reach their oral health goals to create generations of healthy smiles.

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