5 Bad Work Habits to Break for a Healthy Smile

added on: August 18, 2017

Woman at officeYour dental health is a focus of your morning and nightly routines. To protect your teeth and gums, you brush every morning and again before going to bed. You take the time to floss daily and maintain your regular dental appointments for a cleaning and checkup. While it is an important aspect to your daily life, you may be placing your oral health at risk when you are at work. You do not focus on the health of your smile like you do at home. This can result in bad habits that damage your teeth and gums. To ensure that you are doing everything you can to protect your oral health, there are five habits to break at work.

Do Not Use Your Teeth as Tools

As you go about your day, it is easy to use your teeth as tools to open lunch packages or as an extra hand when needing a paperclip. While it is convenient, it can lead to damaged enamel, which increases your risk for a chipped or fractured tooth. It is best to take a few extra seconds to find the appropriate tools, like scissors, instead of using your teeth.

Stop Chewing on Pens and Pencils

It is not uncommon to chew on pens or pencils when focusing on a task. However, while it may help to keep you on track and pass the time, it will wear down the surfaces of your teeth. This may eventually lead to a toothache or a broken tooth. Instead of chewing on office supplies, use a healthy snack as an alternative, like carrot sticks.

Rethink Your Morning Cup of Coffee

It can be difficult to get your day started without a fresh cup of coffee. While we often need the extra boost, drinking it will not just cause stains to your teeth, but will also dry out your mouth. This increases the risk for tooth decay and gum disease. If you cannot skip the caffeine, choose a green tea instead and rinse your mouth with water when you are finished.

Skip Smoke Breaks

Smoking can be a nice break in the day if you use cigarettes or e-cigarettes; however, they both cause serious damage to your oral and overall health. It is best to break the habit as soon as possible. Your doctor can help you while chewing gum has also shown to curve the cravings.

Brush Your Teeth

You brush your teeth twice a day while at home, but your teeth deserve care while you are at work, too. Get a small travel toothbrush and toothpaste to brush after your lunch break or after you have consumed something that is high in sugar or can stain the teeth.

Get a Healthy Smile Today

Your journey to dental health should not only occur while you are at home, but at work as well. Breaking these habits will help to promote a beautiful smile.

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