3 Simple Steps to a Smile Trial

added on: June 23, 2022

Did you know that a smile is the first thing that attracts people to you? A perfect smile plays an essential role in how people perceive you. However, more than a third of individuals in America are not happy with their smiles. 

Well, if you are one of those who are unhappy with their smile, you are in luck. At Ponderosa Dental Center, we provide a cosmetic dental opportunity that can show you first hand exactly how your smile will look upon completion of treatment. Dr. Benjamin De Graff offers a smile trial that ensures you get the smile that fits you best at no charge.

3 Simple Steps to a Smile Trial

Consultation Appointment

The first thing you need to do while interested in a smile makeover is to schedule a consultation appointment. The consultation is essential as it will help the Dr. De Graff takes impressions of your current smile. Then, he will design a diagnostic model. The model’s creation takes place either by hand or through digital means. Ponderosa Dental Center uses the latest in 3D digital printing.

Follow-up Appointment

A follow-up appointment will be made shortly thereafter to show you your options. In most cases, it happens fairly quickly to review the available choices. Once you select your best match, Dr. De Graff will use temporary dental materials to help you try the new smile using the selected model.

Results of the Smile Trial 

Once you try your new smile, you can decide whether you like what you selected. If you are happy with the choice, Dr. De Graff can proceed to the next step. He will use the diagnostic models to create your final and temporary crowns or veneers.

Why Go For a Trial Smile at Ponderosa Dental Center?

It is a Fast Process

You can decide whether a certain smile model is a perfect fit for you in less than ten minutes. The trial smile process does not involve drilling or shots. Thus, you can determine whether you like a certain smile within a short time period. It also allows you to choose other models you think may be ideal.

It is Free

Ponderosa Dental Center does not charge for smile trials. The free trial allows you to pick a diagnostic model that you believe is ideal for you. Furthermore, it removes the price constriction element during the trial phase. Thus, you can choose the perfect smile you want at no cost.

It Ensures You Can Make Comparisons

You can take images before the trial, smile, and after. The photos are very convenient for comparison purposes. If you do not like a certain option, you can always change it during the trial period. Thus, ensuring that the results will be to your liking.

Validating the Smile Idea

A trial smile will help you to validate your ideal smile. Most people who visit their dentist for a smile makeover often know what they want. The trial smile allows them to see their vision come to life and validate their smile is a perfect fit.

Key Takeaway

Dr. Benjamin De Graff is known for his talent in creating beautiful smiles at Ponderosa Dental Center. He is responsible for beginning your smile makeover journey with a smile trial. The trial smile process requires 3 simple steps, where he custom creates a diagnostic model. Through the model, you can determine how perfect your smile will be.

Today is the day you need to get a Smile Trial. Schedule your consultation at our Bend dental office today. We look forward to seeing your smile change in only a few quick steps. Contact us today.