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Sedation Dentistry – Bend, OR

Experience Relaxed & Pain Free Dental Care

Bend dentist and team member talking to dental patientWhile we know visiting the dentist can make you feel anxious or afraid, we also believe it doesn’t have to be that way. There’s nothing saying you can’t relax at the dental office, especially when we’ve got options in sedation to help! Dr. Joshua Prentice is pleased to offer patients from Bend, OR oral conscious and nitrous oxide sedation dentistry. Contact us to schedule your next appointment, and then relax in the dental chair at long last!

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Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry

For patients with mild to moderate dental anxiety, or those undergoing longer or more comples dentistry treatments, oral conscious sedation provides much-needed comfort and relaxation. It’s administered in pill form. Just take the prescribed medication about an hour before your appointment, and by the time you’re settling into the dental chair, its effects have taken over. You will remain fully conscious during oral conscious sedation, just completely relaxed and removed from what’s going on around you.

Dental gas mask

Nitrous Oxide Dental Sedation

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide sedation helps patients of all ages smile throughout their dental appointments. Best for simple procedures like fillings or gum disease treatment, nitrous oxide gives you a slight tingly feeling and removes your worry regarding what’s going on around you. It also wears off as soon as the treatment is complete and the mask is removed by our trusted family dentist, meaning you can go on about your day without any lasting grogginess.

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Sedation Dentistry FAQs

Going to visit your dentist in Bend can be seriously anxiety-inducing, but it definitely doesn’t have to be that way. At Ponderosa Dental Center, we offer both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to help you relax in the dental chair. If you’re still nervous about your treatment, then you likely have some questions about the finer details of sedation. That’s why we’ve answered the sedation questions we get asked the most often down below. If you have a question about sedation dentistry that you don’t see answered on this page, feel free to contact us and ask!

Who Should Consider Sedation Dentistry?

We generally suggest a patient undergo sedation for patients who:

  • Have sensitive teeth or gums or an overactive gag reflex
  • Suffer from extreme dental phobia or anxiety
  • Are very young and unable to fully comprehend their dental treatments
  • Wish to complete several procedures in one appointment
  • Must undergo complex treatment
  • Have physical or mental impairments that make dental treatments uncomfortable

Do I Have to Take Off Work?

The answer to this question depends on which type of sedation you’re receiving. If you’re undergoing nitrous oxide sedation, you will generally be able to return to work soon after your procedure is over, as the effects of the gas wear off very quickly after you stop breathing it in. You should be able to drive yourself back to work less than half an hour after your treatment is completed, with no lingering grogginess.

If you opt for oral conscious sedation instead, we highly recommend that you take the rest of the day off work. This is because the effects of the pill will very likely last for at least 12 hours. Not only will you need someone to drive you to and from our office, but you’ll need to spend the remainder of the day resting.

How Does Nitrous Oxide Work?

Once your sedation dentist in Bend places the mask over your nose, you’ll begin breathing in the nitrous oxide, more commonly known as “laughing gas.” When you inhale the gas, it displaces the air in your lungs and prevents oxygen from reaching your brain. This deprivation is what causes the powerful feeling of euphoria and allows you to receive the dental care you need without any worries.

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation has been used in dentistry for decades and is completely safe for you and your loved ones. In extremely rare cases, both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation can cause side effects such as nausea and vomiting. This is why we typically recommend that our patients not eat for several hours before their procedure, just as a precautionary measure. We also suggest that, if you’re undergoing oral conscious sedation, that you get a ride to and from your appointment, as you will be in no condition to drive once the medication takes effect.