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Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions – Bend, OR

Get the Answers to Common Implant Tooth Replacement Questions


What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

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The advantages of dental implants are almost too numerous to list. They include:

  • With proper care, implants may last for the rest of your life.
  • Your restored teeth will look very natural in your mouth and give you the confidence to turn heads with your smile wherever you go.
  • Health benefits. Implants can prevent bone loss in your jaw, thereby maintaining the shape of your face.
  • The strong bond between implants and your body allows your new teeth to be strong enough to stand up to pretty much any food.

Who Is a Candidate for Dental Implants?

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The only way to know for sure if implant dentistry is right for you is to talk to a qualified expert. Most people are able to receive implants, though some patients have certain risk factors that make their procedure more complex. For example, if you smoke, have been missing teeth for a long time, or have a medical condition that hinders your body’s ability to heal, your surgeon and dentist will have to take extra care to give your procedure the best chance of success possible.

What Is the Success Rate for Dental Implants?

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The vast majority of dental implant cases are successful. In fact, the overall success rate is up to 98 percent! However, if you are concerned about potential implant failure, your dentist or oral surgeon would be glad to sit down with you and talk about why it happens on rare occasions.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

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We can’t give a straight answer to this question because so many factors are involved in determining the overall cost of restoring your smile. Some things that affect your financial obligation include:

  • The amount of preliminary work involved. Some patients require extractions or a bone graft before their mouth is ready to receive implants.
  • The number of implants you need. A single-implant procedure that replaces just one tooth is simpler and therefore less costly than a full-mouth reconstruction.

Once you get an estimate for the cost of your implants, you can start exploring payment options. Some insurance companies are willing to help, and our dental office works with CareCredit to provide financing for major procedures.

Is It Painful to Get Implants?

Surgery is required for you to receive implants, so you may experience some swelling and tenderness in the days after your placement procedure. However, you won’t experience any pain during the surgery itself, and you’ll receive medication and tips to minimize your discomfort as you heal. Many patients have remarked that the entire process of getting implants was much easier and more comfortable than they anticipated.

Do Implants Require a Lot of Special Care?

After your surgery, you may have to avoid certain foods for a period of time so your body has a chance to heal. However, once the implants have bonded with your body and your new teeth are installed, caring for your smile is easy. You can brush and floss your artificial teeth just like you would with your natural ones. It’s also a good idea to rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash to minimize the risk of infections. Overall, caring for implants is very easy.

Still hungry for knowledge about dental implants? Feel free to contact us so we can talk more about this life-changing procedure.