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Dental Implant Costs – Bend, OR

Budgeting for Your Gorgeous New Smile

Female dentist showing patient implant modelCost is a major contributing factor that influences patients’ decisions to elect a specific dental treatment. For more advanced services like implant supported tooth replacement, the high price tag can be a real deterrent. While we understand that the costs of these restoration options are high, the rewards significantly outweigh the price. Implant supported tooth replacement is the only restoration option that is self-supporting. That means your surrounding teeth and oral structures aren’t adversely impacted. Implant posts also provide the necessary stimulation to gums and jawbone tissue, ensuring patients maintain healthy soft tissue volume and jawbone density. Best of all, these natural looking and functioning restorations will last for two decades or longer with proper care. Many patients keep their implant restorations for the rest of their lives.

While there are many benefits to implant supported tooth replacement, no service is right for every patient. If you want to learn more about dental implant supported tooth replacement, call Ponderosa Dental Center in Bend to schedule a treatment consultation. During this consultation appointment, we’ll work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to fully renew your healthy, natural smile function.

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The Average Costs of Dental Implant Posts

A single dental implant post can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000 or more. The implant design, the material used, size, and manufacturer all play a part in the cost of the implant posts. This price is just for the implant post itself not for the surgical placement. In some cases, patients are able to receive discounted rates for multiple implants, and as long as the implants are placed on the same day, surgical costs remain relatively static.

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Other Factors Influencing the Costs of Implant Tooth Replacement

In addition to the costs of the implant posts, there are numerous factors that can increase the cost of care, including:

  • Preparatory tooth extractions or tissue grafts
  • Use of dental sedation to maintain comfort
  • The type of replacement tooth or teeth – dental crowns, bridges, or dentures – and the materials used to craft them
Dental insurance information

Dental insurance & Financing Costs

Unfortunately, the vast majority of dental benefit plans do not include coverage for implants posts or surgical implant placement procedures. Our knowledgeable dentist and dentistry team works with insurers regularly, and we will help you to make the most of coverage for other aspects of your implant tooth replacement plan, including the cost of preparatory procedures, replacement teeth, and sedation options. We bill for each step of dental implant treatment individually, so patients are able to spread their costs over the course of the restoration. If you wish to split these costs up into smaller payments, we’re happy to work with third party financiers to offer low and no interest financing options for qualified patients. You can apply for preapproval at home, or one of our team members will be happy to assist in the application process during treatment planning.